Own the Craft.

You can book an in-salon course or seminar - just contact us and start a conversation! Also, ask about our up-and-coming events.


Our cutting courses are a detailed look at precision hair cutting. At äz craft luxury haircare, we believe in the individual. Our goal is to help you develop, evolve and improve your own style of cutting as well as evoke a new creative approach to your work. We aim to bring back the craftsmanship and culture of hair. We want to share our knowledge with passionate hair professionals and help individuals to achieve even more success!

How We Do It
A strong top end educational foundation, starting with the Fundamental Principles alongside sophisticated imagery that upholds, defines and underpins the core values and philosophy of our work and always being true to who we are.

The Choices We Make
We have chosen to embrace the true professionals in hairdressing. Created by craft hairdressers celebrating passionate hair professionals, our mission is to heighten the industry standard and the value of the art of hairdressing. Focusing on the fundamental principles of hair design, äz Haircare is engineered for the skilled hairdresser who demands quality in every step of the trade. With our education we incorporate the business angle to maximize the productivity of your brand. We choose to support our industry's future standards.


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