About äz

äz Craft Luxury Haircare

Our goal was to craft a haircare line that embodies the rich history and heritage of the romance and theater of hair.  We set out to launch a line of haircare products that we could firmly stand behind and be passionate about.  äz Haircare is made with finest quality ingredients that are balanced to give you the highest follow-through performance possible, empowering you to create any style and to look your very best.  Made for smart and savvy individuals by inspired and innovative hair professionals.  We accomplished our goal. 


Our Mission is to raise our industry's standard once again, elevating our craft and art of hairdressing to a level of excellence without compromise.  We are craft hairdressers celebrating passionate hair professionals who focus on constantly striving to master their craft and refine their art.  äz Haircare is engineered for the discerning individual who demands quality in everything and in every way.